A few of my book-related appearances.

Most recent: at Faneuil Hall in Boston two years ago, for the Independence Day Patriotic Exercises. John King (of CNN) gave the official oration; I offered “remarks.” I’m not subject to stage-fright very much, not because I’m all that gregarious (far from it), but because I’m accustomed to teaching lecture sections of 400 or more students, so crowds don’t usually bother me. But speaking at Faneuil Hall … maybe not intimidating, exactly, but humbling, especially given the roster of true greats who have spoken there. Humbling — and a great privilege, too. Here it is, in its entirety (in case you’re interested, I’m about halfway through, just before John King):

Fourth of July Oration at Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts. July 4, 2011.

A while back (man, I looked younger six years ago)… talking about The Drillmaster of Valley Forge at — you guessed it — Valley Forge! Imagine that. Anyway, it was my first talk on Drillmaster and C-SPAN graciously offered to record the event for BookTV. I think it aired sometime in February 2009. I didn’t get to see it until July 4, 2009. Interesting anecdote: my son Alex (who was three at the time) caught a glimpse of me giving this talk while I was channel-surfing that day. I can’t stand to watch myself talk (or listen to myself talk, either), but Alex insisted. I left him alone to watch while I went to the kitchen to wash dishes. A few moments later, I could hear him babbling, and as I watched him he was pushing one of his dinosaurs towards the TV and talking a mile-a-minute. I asked him what he was saying. He turned to look at me, a tad annoyed, and remarked with some exasperation, “I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to my daddy on TV.”

Ok, ok, it wasn’t that interesting. But it was cute. Here’s the video:

pdl at valley forge 2008

Talk on The Drillmaster of Valley Forge for BookTV, October 8, 2008, Valley Forge National Historical Park.


And here’s my one of my official promotional videos from Wright State.

brage golding video screenshot

Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research 2014



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